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FAQs | Pet Grooming in Mississauga

Pet Grooming in Mississauga

1. How long does it take to groom a dog at PawBasic?

Grooming duration at PawBasic ranges from 3-5 hours, depending on your dog's size, coat condition, and temperament.

2. What is the cost of grooming services at PawBasic?

At PawBasic, grooming costs vary based on your dog's size and coat type. We offer initial quotes via email with your dog's photo and desired haircut, though the final price is determined upon in-person assessment.

3. What should I bring for my dog's grooming appointment at PawBasic?

Feel free to bring any special shampoos or treats to PawBasic that will help make your dog's grooming experience more comfortable.

4. Is spaying or neutering required for grooming at PawBasic?

No, PawBasic does not require dogs to be spayed or neutered for grooming services.

5. Can I book a haircut without a bath for my dog at PawBasic?

PawBasic requires a bath with every haircut to ensure the highest quality Pet Grooming in Mississauga.

6. What if I'm unable to pick up my dog immediately after grooming at PawBasic?

PawBasic prefers prompt pickup but can accommodate within a reasonable timeframe without a fee, depending on daily schedules.

7. How frequently should my dog be groomed at PawBasic?

We recommend a PawBasic grooming session every 4-6 weeks to maintain coat health.

8. When is the right time for my puppy's first grooming at PawBasic?

Puppies are welcome at PawBasic for their first grooming post-vaccination.

9. Does PawBasic offer pet pick-up and drop-off services?

Currently, PawBasic does not provide pick-up and drop-off services.

10. Does PawBasic groom large dogs over 40 pounds?

Yes, PawBasic happily caters to all breeds and sizes, including Great Danes.

11. Can PawBasic de-matt my dog without shaving?

PawBasic assesses mat severity and advises on grooming methods, prioritizing your dog's safety and comfort. Severe matting may require shaving.

12. Post-shave care recommendations from PawBasic?

After shaving, monitor your dog for any behavioral changes like increased scratching or licking. These reactions are common and not directly caused by the grooming process.

13. Are owners allowed to stay during grooming at PawBasic?

PawBasic currently cannot accommodate owners staying during grooming sessions.

14. What payment methods are accepted at PawBasic?

PawBasic accepts both debit and credit cards for our pet grooming services.

15. Can I drop off my dog early for grooming at PawBasic?

PawBasic encourages on-time drop-offs but can arrange early drop-offs on an individual basis.

16. Does PawBasic offer anal gland expression services?

Anal gland expression is provided upon request at PawBasic, with an additional charge and subject to safety. Only external expressions are performed.

Experience top-notch pet grooming in Mississauga at Paw Basic, conveniently located at 35 King St E Unit 12, Mississauga, ON L5A 4E2. Contact us at 647-646-4729 for expert pet grooming tailored to your furry friend's needs. Trust Paw Basic for professional care and attention to detail in every grooming session. You can also click this LINK to book an appointment.


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