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Professional Cat Grooming Services in Mississauga

Step into our cat salon, where our dedicated and experienced cat grooming team pamper our feline friends. We're known for our gentle touch and meticulous pet grooming techniques. Our professional cat groomers deliver exceptional care for your cherished companions, ensuring a purr-fect grooming experience that will have you and your kitty coming back for more!

Why Groom Your Cat At PawBasic Mississauga?


Professional Cat



35 King St. East Unit 12  

Mississauga, Ontario

L5A 4E2


Cat Care for Wellness and Joy

Skin and Coat Health: 
Routine grooming is essential for maintaining your cat's skin and fur health. Our thorough brushing, gentle blow-drying, and careful bathing remove loose hair and dander, promoting better airflow and distributing natural oils throughout the coat, leading to a shiny and healthy appearance.

Prevent Matting and Discomfort: 
Regular grooming prevents painful matting and tangling of your cat's fur. Addressing these issues early, particularly before the seasonal shedding, can spare your cat unnecessary distress and maintain its coat in prime condition.


Expert Claw Trimming and Ear Cleaning

A cat's ears and claws are often overlooked. Hair overgrowth in the ears and between paw pads can lead to discomfort or health issues. Long claws may hinder normal walking or scratching behavior. Our cat grooming includes careful claw trimming and ear cleaning, along with the removal of excess ear hair to promote better hygiene and prevent infections.


Professional Feline Groomers Ready to Pamper

Our team of cat groomers is skilled in delivering a variety of styles, catering to your cat's breed and personal preferences. From the classic lion cut to breed-specific styling, we handle your cat with the utmost care, providing a stress-free grooming session.


Regular Wellness Checks and Hygienic Grooming

Health Inspection: 
Our cat grooming sessions include a thorough inspection of your cat's skin and coat, which can reveal health issues such as parasites or skin conditions. Early detection by our cat groomers can lead to prompt and effective treatment.

Hygienic Grooming  

We go beyond the basics, offering hygienic trims and cleaning to ensure your cat's comfort and well-being. Keeping the sensitive areas clean is crucial in preventing irritation and matting, and we take pride in providing comprehensive care.


Advantages of Consistent Grooming

Eye Cleaning:  
Careful attention is given to cleaning around your cat's eyes. Regular removal of any discharge, particularly from the corners, can prevent discomfort and infection. If there is any persistent or unusual discharge, they should be evaluated by a veterinarian.

Calming Experience for Anxious Cats: 
Regular and familiar grooming sessions can significantly benefit anxious cats. Our salon offers a soothing environment, transforming grooming from a stressful ordeal to a relaxing part of your cat's routine.


Quality Cat Grooming Products

Discover our selection of cat grooming essentials, including gentle shampoos for delicate skin, specialized fur treatments, and odor-neutralizing solutions. For specific grooming requirements, feel free to consult with us.


PawBasic Grooming Services for Cats


  • Comprehensive Professional Grooming ( Lion Cut )

  • Claw clipping

  • Thorough De-shedding

  • Brushing 

  • Precision hand scissoring

  • Ear cleaning 

  • Paw pad trimming

  • Hypoallergenic or oatmeal baths (for sensitive-skinned cats)

Cat Grooming Pricing

Our pricing reflects the breed, size, and fur condition, with a range of packages designed for every cat's unique needs. Exceptional grooming is within reach for every feline at PawBasic!

Reserve Your Cat's Grooming Appointment Today!

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