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About PawBasic

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Pawbasic is a skilled, qualified dog groomer.

We are represents the very best in the grooming industry, and you can expect nothing less than consistent perfection from her skillful hands. She has devoted her time to perfecting her distinctive low-impact handling technique throughout her career, and her clients have grown to love and trust her for both.

Our team is an expansion of what we started in our house; we are working to create a group of like-minded people whose main concern is the welfare and experience of your pet. PawBasic gives your pet our undivided attention and care in an effort to provide them a positive grooming experience. All breed-specific grooming, Asian-style grooming, and challenging dog grooming are all things we are capable of. PawBasic provides fear-free, low-impact grooming services, and we always strive to give our customers the finest service.​


The goal of PawBasic is to avoid and reduce any fear, worry, and tension that your pet may have while being groomed, and it all begins with educating the owner. Professionals who work with animals are essential in establishing a happier, healthier, and fear-free environment for pets, but the process must begin with the owner's decision. ​

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Pawbasic- Sheron groomer in Mississauga


Sheron is committed to improving the grooming experience for your companion. She works tirelessly to provide your pets a peaceful, loving, stress-free atmosphere. Sheron believes in using a gentle approach and positive reinforcement in the hopes that your companion will grow to enjoy getting groomed and look forward to visits. She specializes in difficult and senior pets, when dealing with these special cases she is patient, loving, and gentle.

Pawbasic- Gan Zyu

Gan Zyu

I'm the manager.

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