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Professional Dog Grooming Services in Mississauga 

Step into our dog salon, where our dedicated and experienced dog grooming team has been serving our valued clients for over a decade. We've earned a reputation for unwavering reliability and meticulous attention to detail. Our professional dog groomers provide exceptional care for your beloved furry family members, and we're confident that once you've experienced our expert grooming, you'll never look back!

Why Groom Your Dog At PawBasic Mississauga


Professional Dog



35 King St. East Unit 12  

Mississauga, Ontario

L5A 4E2

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Indulgent Pet Care for Health and Happines

Skin and Coat Wellness:

Regular grooming is key to maintaining your pet's skin health and a lustrous coat. Through brushing, blow-drying, and scrubbing, we remove dead skin and hair, allowing improved air circulation and even distribution of your pet's natural oils, resulting in a healthier coat.

Say No to Mats and Tangles:

Regular grooming prevents the discomfort of matted hair, which can lead to skin irritations. Don't wait until the end of winter; matted or pelted coats can be more common as warmer weather approaches, causing your pet unnecessary discomfort.

Pawbasic nail trim and ears cleaning

Expert Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning

Ears and nails often go unnoticed, especially if your pet hasn't been groomed in three months or more. Hair growth in ears and between toes can become problematic if left unattended. Long nails can make it uncomfortable for your pet to walk or stand, similar to wearing ill-fitting shoes. Additionally, our standard practice includes the gentle plucking of ear hair to facilitate better airflow and reduce the risk of ear infections or yeast buildup.

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Skilled Canine Groomers at Your Service 

Our team of canine groomers boasts an impressive track record, having performed thousands of haircuts. From distinctive styles for breeds like Poodles, Bouviers, and Schnauzers to imaginative and creative designs, our groomers welcome all requests, ensuring your pet receives the perfect grooming experience.

Pawbasic benefits of regula grooming

Regular Checkup and Sanitary Services

Health Assessment:

During grooming, our experts inspect the skin and coat, offering the opportunity to identify any abnormalities, including fleas and ticks. Often, groomers are the first to detect these issues and provide the most effective solutions for your pet.

Sanitary Services:  

Our services extend beyond a typical salon visit. We perform sanitary trims and ensure proper hygiene, including poop cleaning. Maintaining cleanliness in sensitive areas prevents irritation, inflammation, and matting. We believe in the highest standards of care for your furry family member.

Pawbasic regular checkup

Benefits of Regular Grooming

Eye Care:

We pay meticulous attention to cleaning around the eyes. Timely removal of eye discharge, especially from inner eye corners, prevents irritation. Even experienced groomers may struggle with long-term buildup, which can be painful. In cases of persistent or discolored eye discharge, a veterinarian's consultation is advisable.

Stress Reduction for Nervous Dogs:

Frequent and routine grooming benefits most nervous dogs. While some pets may be reluctant due to past experiences, our grooming can transform it into an essential and stress-free part of your pet's life, as opposed to a punishment.

Pawbasic quality dog products


Explore our wide range of dog grooming products, including hypoallergenic shampoos for sensitive skin, specialized undercoat treatments, and de-skunking shampoos. If you have specific needs, don't hesitate to ask.

Pawbaisc grooming services

PawBasic Dog Grooming Services


  • Full Professional Grooming.

  • Nail clipping.

  • Full De-shed grooms.

  • Bath and brush.

  • Hand scissoring.

  • Teeth brushing.

  • Ear cleaning and ear plucking.

  • Pad shaving or Paw trimming.

  • Anal gland inspection and service.

  • Hypoallergenic or oatmeal treatments (for sensitive skinned dogs).

Dog Grooming Pricing

Our pricing is tailored to breed, size, and condition, offering a variety of packages to suit every pup's needs. Quality grooming is accessible to all at PawBasic!

Book Your Grooming Session Today! 

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